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The Village Hall, Cumbria

SolarVenti SV20

Even allowing for the vagaries of the Cumbrian climate, the SolarVenti has already made a difference to the environment in the hall. The unit pushes warm air through the building and the interior walls are no longer damp, paper left in the room has stopped curling, and the musty smell has gone. We are really pleased with the difference it has already made, and the installation was much cheaper, much simpler, quicker than we were budgeting for. It was up and running in half a day. The only question we have is why hadn’t we done it before?
Regards, Lesley

Holiday Cottage, Wales

SolarVenti SV14

Our panel was installed in April 2013 and has operated without difficulty since then. Before it was installed the two bedrooms and bathrooms it serves always had a slightly damp feel. This is a weekend cottage so isn’t occupied full time and it meant that the first days or two were spent drying these rooms as well as heating them.
Once the SolarVenti panel was installed we didn’t have that problem and the rooms are noticeably dryer and particularly after a sunny winters day much warmer than before. Very occasionally when we’ve had bright sunlight first thing people sleeping in bedrooms have heard the fan but it is easy to switch off for those times. Frankly, I’m amazed the aren’t many, many more of these installed in second homes or similar spaces.

Barn Conversion, Cornwall

SolarVenti SV30

I have the largest sized SolarVenti available and it has stopped the feeling of damp and the pricey run of night storage heater for my converted barn. Since the installation of SolarVenti a few years ago (about 4 or 5), we
had pretty well banished ‘cold and damp.’ As you know I am a strong Solarventi enthusiast and would always be pleased to let possible buyers look at my installation and listen to my enthusiasm.
Gill Wilson

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