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The SolarVenti® Comfort System

The 1-3 air collector

The SolarVenti® Comfort System will use the sun's heat and power to ventilate your house. This air creates a better environment in your house and can save money on your heating bill all year round. SolarVenti® Comfort System series utilises solar radiation with a conversion of approximately 70% efficiency against a typical electric only panel of 16%.

As houses become more airtight it can be difficult to get rid of the build of heat up in the summer The SolarVenti® Comfort System corrects the imbalance, by blowing cool fresh clean air into the house during the night which can give a temperature reduction up to 4 degrees centigrade. The SolarVenti® Comfort System's night cooling function providing a more comfortable indoor climate on hot summer nights improving sleep comfort.


The Advantages:

  • Ventilation with renewable solar energy

  • A healthy and fresh indoor climate

  • De-humidification secures the value of your home and furniture

  • Avoid moisture, fungus, mould, radon gas and bad odours

  • Little or no running costs

  • Maintenance-free due to a self-cleaning filter

  • Easy to install

  • 5 Year Warranty


  • £360 - £600 annually

  • + value of ventilation

  • + value of cooling

  • + value of clean air

The Technical Bit

How the Comfort System Works:

When the sun shines, the air is heated up inside the air collectors up to 35-40º C above the outside temperature. The lovely warm air is then blown into your house, adding extra heat and lowering your expenses. Warm air reduces humidity faster but more importantly takes away the breading ground for bacteria and viruses. Besides ventilating your home with fresh clean air, the SolarVenti® Comfort System also provides you with a healthy indoor climate for you and your family.

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Benefits of SolarVenti®

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