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Solarventi for Domestic

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The SolarVenti Way

Whether you live in a cottage, bungalow, flat, apartment or a house, SolarVenti is for you. We understand that everyone’s environment and needs are different – that is why we have created a range of products to suit your home and your requirements.

With an array of benefits, including health, financial and environment, it is no wonder that over 70,000 households are turning to Solarventi products. Once the SolarVenti has been installed onto your property, fresh air from the outside is sucked in through a perforated black plate and a 2mm layer of felt. The air velocity is low meaning that only extremely small amounts of dust, pollen, etc are drawn into the system. Then, when the sun shines it warms up the air inside the absorber and the integrated solar cell produces electricity for the built-in fan. This then blows the heated air into the house.
Whilst the system is running, air flow remains inside the panel. Then, when the system is switched off, it cools itself down – even if there is bright sunshine. The excess heat rises inside the solar panel and exits via the felt and the open construction back plate.


There are 25 million households in the UK and 3 out of 10 of these are not occupied by the homeowner. This means more and more people are renting properties. Are you worried about your investment? Anxious that your tenants won’t air your property properly? This is where we can help. Running costs of Solarventi are completely free! Which means occupants don’t need to worry about any extras costing appearing on their energy bills.

Dehumidifying areas up to 150m2

  • SV3 up to 25m2

  • SV7 up to 50m2

  • SV14 up to 80m2

  • SV20 up to 100m2

  • SV30 up to 150m2

“It is one of the best investments I have ever made! The Solarventi has worked brilliantly.”

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