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Making the World a Better Place to Inhabit

  • Warehouses & Storage Units

  • Industrial and Agricultural Buildings

  • Office Blocks

  • Shops & Shopping Centres

  • Sports Clubs, Gymnasiums, Swimming Pools

  • Institutions (Village Halls, Museums, Hospitals, Schools, etc)

  • Hotels, Public Houses, Restaurants

Clean, Healthy Living

SolarVenti can significantly reduce the heating costs of and dehumidify much larger commercial and professional buildings. From warehouses & factories, office buildings & shopping centres, sports clubs and schools, many of our products are already supplying the commercial sectors all around the world.

With low installation fees, no long-term maintenance plan and minimal running costs – there is very little you need to do to ensure you reap the benefits of SolarVenti. In short, SolarVenti is a solar air collector with a solid performance. With its solar powered fan and self-regulating control system, it ventilates, dehumidifies and heats the air, whilst being completely independent of the grid.

Our Promise

We guarantee our customers will notice the differences SolarVenti can make. After just one season with a fitted solar air collector, the overall level of moisture in the walls, buildings and furniture will have decreased significantly. Also, the pollution and toxins in your environment will be replaced by clean, healthy air.


  • Solarventi professional preheats supply air to commercial/industrial HVAC systems
  • The preheated air is supplied at zero running costs
  • The free preheated air supply significantly reduces the need to run heating coils
  • The result is a substantial reduction in overall building heating costs

 Want to find out more?

  • Active Solar Heating

  • Improved Health and Efficiency

  • Low Installation Costs

  • No Costs for Dehumidification

  • Guaranteed Payback

  • Installation Near Ventilation Units

Benefits of SolarVenti®

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