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There are plenty of reasons why a Solarventi is the perfect investment for your home, your property or holiday homes. As well as bringing an array of important health benefits for you and your family, it could save you a lot of money in the long run. With its solar powered fan and self-regulating control system, it ventilates, dehumidifies and heats the air, whilst being totally independent of the grid. Also, the costs for setting up a SolarVenti is less than half of the costs for a mechanical ventilation system using heat recycling. And, because of the choice of material and the simple construction, a SolarVenti is extremely reliable and will perform for many years without any maintenance.

Protect Your Home

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A SolarVenti on the wall or roof of your home will typically work as a simple, low-cost and effective solution to an improved indoor climate. Whether your goal is to solve or improve health related problems, or you just want to avoid experiencing daily discomfort in general, a SolarVenti will air your house without any loss of heat, and no running costs for neither the owner or the environment. And, whilst you and your family are breathing in cleaner and healthier air, you’re protecting your home from allergies, radon gas, co2, damp, mould and much more.

Protect Your Investment

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ARE YOU A LANDLORD? There are 25 million households in the UK and 3 out of 10 of these are not occupied by the homeowner. This means more and more people are renting properties. Are you worried about your investment? Anxious that your tenants won’t air your property properly? This is where we can help. Running costs of Solarventi are completely free! Which means occupants don’t need to worry about any extras costing appearing on their energy bills.

Save Money

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Would you like to reduce your energy bills whilst also protecting your property with no maintenance plan? Well with Solarventi you can. With a Solarventi blowing hot air into your home, you will use your heating less and less. Even during periods when sunlight is scarce, Solarventi is still able to self-regulate, collect and heat the air. Also, they come equipped with a self-cleaning filter, meaning they clean themselves so you don’t have to. Just to make things even better, Solarventi’s are completely free to run – the products are solar powered, meaning they run totally independent of the grid.

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