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As a nation, we are completely unaware of the toxins we are inhaling every day as well as the damage damp and mould is doing to our homes and investments. That is why SolarVenti was developed; to ensure your homes, investments and families are fully protected.

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We quite simply build and insulate our houses more and more to keep the expensive heat inside the building and forget that we thereby reduce the air flow and increase the air humidity. The simple solution to high air humidity has always been and still is proper airing.

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Whether your goal is to solve or improve health related problems, or you just want to avoid experiencing daily discomfort in general, a SolarVenti will air your house without any loss of heat, and no running costs for neither the owner nor the environment.

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Often, the problems with our indoor climate are caused by an abnormal accumulation of moist in the furniture and structure of the house - thereby also affecting the air we breathe every day.

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As well as bringing an array of important health benefits for you and your family, it could save you a lot of money in the long run. With its solar powered fan and self-regulating control system, it ventilates, dehumidifies and heats the air, whilst being totally independent of the grid.

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